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Manager's Desk

Primary and Secondary education plays a vital role in an individual’s career and intellectual development. We created Garden Valley Public School with the vision to provide an excellent opportunity to the students and parents looking for holistic development.A good educational system helps a child to nurture his talents and overcome his shortcomings. The School campus is surrounded by lush green grass, trees, and flowers, adding to the harmony of an echo friendly peaceful atmosphere.Our approach will be child-centered, encouraging activity-based learning, inculcating a scientific temper and a spirit of free enquiry. We believe that the approach of motivating and getting the best out of the children is based on the positive reinforcement of good work and good behaviour with a philosophy which centres on praise, encouragement, enthusiasm, fun and affection rather than criticism, fear and punishment. We also believe in preaching a never-say-die attitude and endorsing the spirit of perseverance to not only make each child a good student, but also to shape them into brilliant human beings.

Mr.Kripal Singh Mehra

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